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Comic for: January 5th, 2016
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Minecraft: "A Few Rules"
Posted: Tuesday January 5th, 2016 by

A week or so ago, theBoy used some of his Christmas money to buy his own copy of Minecraft. Until now, he had been logging on using my account. But, his goal wasn't singular in purpose. He didn't just want his own copy of the game; he wanted to be able to play with me. That's not possible without his own account. Taks got him set up while I worked. And, in the process, decided she wanted to play as well. So I shared my world over LAN, and away we went.

When I spawned in, I was in the middle of a desert. No trees to get me started. When I couldn't find anything nearby, I went for a swim; and, laid claim to an island nearby. There wasn't much land mass, and only a few trees. But, there were cows, sheep, and pigs on another island close by. I leveled it out and used the mined resources to expand the island. For all the work, I'm pretty protective of it. Hence the rules. The swording, well... I hope that one's obvious.

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