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Comic for: April 17th, 2016
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Elder Scrolls Online: "Lyris Says"
Posted: Sunday April 17th, 2016 by

What is it with the Elder Scrolls and starting out as a prisoner? No no, never mind! That's a comic/conversation for a different day. The amount of voice work in this game is a large part of why that initial download was so huge. And, Zenimax makes sure you know it's there. Repeatedly. Every time it feels you're making headway, to be exact. Now, I'll admit, this isn't actually a big deal; it just struck me as funny. Besides, her stopping to chat me up didn't slow me down as much as -ME- taking my time to weigh the options.

Please note that this is an impression based on fifteen minutes of playing the game. Yup, since Thursday morning (when the game was finally finished downloading), I've only been able to put together 15 minutes of freetime to play. Of course it's all been talking. So, I don't know if that counts. But, still...

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