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Comic for: June 29th, 2016
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Dungeons & Dragons: "No pressure."
Posted: Wednesday June 29th, 2016 by

Since I haven't really played any video games in forever, I figure we might as well do a comic about our weekly D&D games, right? Unfortunately, most of the things said at the table are so foul mouthed, insensitive, or both I can't really put them in the comic without a LOT of pre-emptive explanation. This one, not so much. But since I have your attention...

We started playing 5e Curse of Strahd a few weeks ago. It's supposed to be all dark, broody, and gothic. But, quite frankly I don't know that our group will ever be able to play a campaign that's not slathered from one end to the other with inside jokes, personal jabs, pop culture references. At the moment we're playing through the two level entry campaign "Deathhouse". Now, I've been giving the group crap in an effort to get them to try things and seek out possibilities, rather than just rolling with the descriptions and never poking about.

Thus far I've talked our man Hollywood, our resident Warlock, into poking a Grick in an oddly darkened alcove and now, taking an seemingly harmless orb from the hand of a statue. Now, that last one doesn't sound like such a bad thing, until the Shadows spawn all around you. Toughest/Scariest fight we've had thus far. The Shadows don't have a lot of hit points, but every time they hit you they do 2d6 damage and drain 1d4 from your Strength. That can quickly get out of control especially when you consider the fact that hitting a 0 Strength means instant character death, and the Warlock on has a 13 AC and am 8 Strength.

The group won out with a well timed Bane spell from Taks' "Cleric", and the Rogue drawing the rest of the Shadows down a hallway into a firing squad. Right now the group is holed up in a little servant's room for the night, regrouping before attempting to finish the dungeon.

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