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Comic for: June 14th, 2019
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Sea of Thieves: "The Reality"
Posted: Friday June 14th, 2019 by Woody

I think my opinion of Sea of Thieves is well known at this point. But, I will quickly reiterate for those who aren't aware; it's a LOVE/HATE relationship.

Last night, PlanetBlonde_ (Taks) and TheBoy went off adventuring without me. (Not their fault. I fell asleep at my desk.) so, I decided to solo sloop the 5th Tall Tale. I logged in across the map from where I needed to be. I unfurled the sail, raised anchor, and began my run. No sooner had I drifted into port than some other player that had been hiding nearby roared in and started blasting my ship. Caught off my boat, there wasn't much I could do but watch it sink, and try to snipe them from afar. I shrugged and accepted my fate when I ran out of ammo.

After I respawned, I switched servers, popped up across the map, prepped, and made my run again, this time successfully. I then coursed the entire map top-to-bottom, side-to-side, following clues, avoiding megalodons, skeleton ships, island cannoneers, and raging seas. It took forever and I had to take some circuitous routes to avoid n-game baddies. But, I got it done. Then I hopped into an alliance with a couple of kiddos to help them bring down a Kraken only to be sunk by a couple of Legendary Pirates on a ship flying an "alliance" flag ONLY to draw us in close enough to open fire. I logged out after that.

My point here is that the environment within the game is deadly. There's no coddling, remorse, or chill. Just about everything in there is out for blood. To that end, when PB told me about her expectations -just to go fishing- she concluded with the contextual crux of the comic: I'm sure I'll die. Put simply, being destroyed in the game isn't a possibility, it's an expectation.

Special Thanks:
Help me say thanks to PlanetBlonde for the joke idea and Beardageddon for entertaining me with his insane cannon aim by visiting/following/subbing to their Twitch Channels.

Note: Beardageddon's SoT avatar, HaxSparrow, is the pirate depicted in the comic.

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