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Comic for: July 1st, 2004
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MMOG Cancellations: "Dropping Like Flies"
Posted: Thursday July 1st, 2004 by

After seeing Murasame's post yesterday in which a letter from EA was presented stating the cancellation of Ultima X, I knew a comic like today's had to be done.

Finding out that Warhammer Online had gone under the axe was bad enough, but now Ultima X? It leaves me wondering, yet again, what MMOGs are next up on the steps to the chopping block.

The list of cancelled titles is growing. It's getting ugly out there in an absolutely saturated market. Yet almost every day we see announcements about the "next big MMOG" going into beta.

And with so many other existing games on shakey footing, I honestly feel like we're sitting on the MMOG bubble waiting for it to burst. Remember the net advertisement bubble from a few years ago, and it all imploded taking tons of internet startup companies with it? **nods** My brain is conjuring up that kind of industry shakeup.

What will happen though is that the ones that survive the bubble will grow. And new games will learn from the experience of those that burned.

There are very few titles of that I'm absolutely certain of at this point. And, I'll leave you to ponder on what titles those are rather than shoot myself in the foot. **grins**

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