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"Lets not let the world down in its greatest hour of need" - discuss
Comic Type: Hello Kitty | Posted: Thursday December 9th, 2004 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]

This article is rather interesting, and quite frankly... I'm outraged.
Not at the demeaning tone of the title, that itself is easily understood misguided.
The American government has allocated a certain percantage of its fiscal budget to humanitarian aid. There are many reports and quotes from different officials and statistics that prove this without a doubt.

So, you may ask, why am I outraged? I cannot, at this point (and if I'm wrong I'll admit it and withdraw the statement)... I cannot believe the gumpture of the american people. The UN pointed the finger accusing the stingy american government of holding funding. The UN's finger was pointed at the wrong entity. It should have been pointed at our people.

I have not been able to find hard numbers depicting the amount of money donated for the 5-6000 americans lost in 9-11. (god watch over their souls and grant them fair winds and following seas)... However, on many different sites I have found, the numbers were Hundreds of Millions donated to the relief funds for that travisty.

Where is that generosity now? Our government has kicked in 35million already and is in the process of appropriating the documentation requesting an increase of funding as the "aid relief" is already tapped out. lots of documentation, paperwork and red tape, but I believe it will be granted and given to the relief cause.

That generosity came from a grief stricken nation, desperate to help those in need. Our fellow americans attacked from, at that time, an unknown entity. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! This entity is known, and was just as unexpected. The numbers this morning broke 100,000 dead and with the butterfly effect that number could double if not tripple by the end of the summer. Think about it. Poor nations, without the aid of medicne, burying thousands upon thousands of people in open mass graves. The time I can recall when this was done, plague ran rampant because of horrid conditions people were niave to. We know this now.

How can a country, so generously help our own in need, and not show the same kind of compassion for their own race of beings... human beings?

Breanden is right....
[QUOTE="Breandan"]All I can say is this- if you have money you can spare, research aid agencies to find one that isn't corrupt and donate to it. If you have good blood, donate it. If you have family, hold them close and appreciate them, cause you never know when tragedy can rip them away from you, and you should live every moment with them as if it were your last.QUOTE]

I call forth the American public, the counsel of the individual States of our nation, and the United States to rise to this catastrophic occasion and do what we do best. Help others who cannot help themselves against tyrany, oppression and extinction. We always try to help the little guy, let us not back down now, when the need is greatest it has been in any of our conscious lives. Few wars have amassed numbers greater than what lies ahead for this region of our world.

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