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"Stalemate on a legality question..." - discuss
Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Monday January 9th, 2006 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
My brother and I have been having this argument for a year or so now....

When i go to visit him at his house I take my laptop with me. When I open my laptop my wireless connection picks up his neighbors unsecured wireless home networks. So, since my brother only has dial up, I would rather surf the net in style over the neighbors connection.

So the question is, am I breaking any laws by accessing someone's unsecured home network for my own web surfing and online games?

My personal belief is, if the neighbors are dumb enough not to secure their home networks, and I pick up their signal with no effort on my part, I should be allowed to use it. I have my own wireless network in my house, but I locked that thing down so no one else can access it.

In a related note, my brother is a police officer and he is saying it is illegal. Please help in ending this argument for me. I have yet to find a legal precident on this.


PS - I figured the tech forum would be the best place for this. Please move if I am mistaken.

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