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"It's what they DID'T say..." - discuss
Comic Type: Tribute | Posted: Wednesday March 5th, 2008 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Yesterday, GU Forum goer Ruffian posted the news that EA was "restructuring" Bioware and Mythic into one RPG/MMO Studio Group. Source: Warhammer Herald [ more info ] He copied and pasted the article rather than linking it and posting his take on it, which is kinda against the forum rules, but it's okay we'll forgive him.

Included in the article was the news that Mythic's current GM, Mark Jacobs, would be "leaving" and COO Rob Denton would be taking his place. Now, where Mark is thanked for his contributions, the notion that he is "leaving" the company rings a bit untrue. I've talked to Mark, and I've heard Mark talk about Mythic. Him "leaving" just doesn't seem likely. It's my opinion, for whatever that is worth, that he was fired.

There is the possibility that EA told Mythic, "we're combining you and BioWare into one studio group" and Mark saw his idea of the company get skewed from what he thought it should be. I guess that could have pushed Jacobs into the idea of walking away. I just doubt it.

That in mind, I can't really see Mark walking onto the staff of an existing company. My brain tells me that if he stays in the industry, he's likey to just start a new company.

Only time will tell. And we here at GU wish Mark all the best.

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