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"Updated WLAN driver, now not seeing networks" - discuss
Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Friday February 20th, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Forgive any typos as I'm post this via iPod. So after a weekend of horse crap Internet speed on the laptop (and not a hiccup in speed on the PS3). I figured I'd try updating my wireless adapter drivers. Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adapter. After downloading and installing, the computer doesn't recognize any wireless networks. I know mine is working and also know there are at least 4 others in the apartment complex. That being said I know it is on the computers end. I rolled back the driver to the one that worked with no success.

Laptops specs are as follows:
Vista home premium SP2 32bit
Toshiba satellite L355D
AMD Turion X2 dual core mobile RM-72 2.1GHz
Atheros AR5007EG version (new version)

Ok, so we had some plans this evening and I was unable to continue working on the issue. So prior to heading out for said plans, I shut down and brought the laptop with us. At the friends we were at, I opened up and fired up the laptop to continue fiddling with it as I had time.. Lo and behold it was recognizing the wireless networks in the area. Was able to connect with no issues. I'm at home now and it's connected to my network, successfully. The only 'solution' that I can come up with is that having the laptop shut down for the extended period of time is what helped it. It wasn't like I didn't restart or shut it down before when I was farting around with the drivers. But I'm guessing that having it shut down for the 45 minutes or so helped it? If anyone has any idea, I would love to know.

Also, since I got it connected, I tried a speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/ and found that it SEEMED to be a bit faster. I say this because prior to updating the drivers, I was connecting to the Sioux Falls server at around 300ms ping, with an upload speed around 1Mb, and download speed just a tad slower. I just did a test now, with the same Sioux Falls server, and now it's running at 115ms ping, with 3.76Mb down/0.7Mb up speeds. Not sure if it's just my crappy ISP or if it actually is my drivers, but I thought I'd add that.

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