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"Reported Post by drgnmstr44"

Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Tuesday March 17th, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
drgnmstr44 has reported a post.

Reason:[quote]I feel this guy is possibly spamming the boards or maybe he/she just didn't read the threads before posting. This particular post reads like a copy past from Wikipedia and shouldn't even be posted in this thread which is about GUForums members listing their WoW characters and server they play on.[/quote]
Post: World of WarCraft
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Posted by: Wood Carver
Original Content: [quote]As with other MMORPGs, players control a character avatar within a game world in third- or first-person view, exploring the landscape, fighting various monsters, completing quests, and interacting with non-player characters (NPCs) or other players. Also similar to other MMORPGs, World of Warcraft requires the player to pay for a subscription, either by buying prepaid game cards for a selected amount of playing time, or by using a credit or debit card to pay on a regular basis.[23]

To enter the game, the player must select a realm—sometimes referred to as a server. Each realm acts as an individual copy of the game world, and falls into one of four categories. Realms are either player versus player (PvP), where open combat among players is more common, or player versus environment (PvE), where the gameplay is more focused on defeating monsters and completing quests. Roleplay (RP) and roleplay-PvP (RP-PVP) variants of both primary realm types are also available. Realms are also categorized by language, with in-game support in the language available.[24] Players can make new characters on all realms, and it is also possible to move already established characters between realms for a fee.[25]

To create a new character, in keeping with the storyline of previous Warcraft series games, players must choose between the opposing factions of Alliance or Horde. Characters from the opposing factions can perform rudimentary communication, but only members of the same faction can speak, mail, group, and share guilds. The player selects the new character's race, such as Orcs or Trolls for the Horde or Humans or Dwarves for the Alliance.[26] Players must also select the class for the character, with choices such as mages, warriors and priests available.[27] All classes, except for special "Hero classes", are limited to particular races.
[edit] Ongoing gameplay

As characters become more developed, they gain various talents and skills, requiring the player to further define the abilities of that character.[28] Professions such as tailoring, blacksmithing, and mining can be learned. The three secondary skills, cooking, fishing, and first-aid, can also be learned by characters.[29] Characters may also form and join guilds, allowing characters within the guild access to the guild's chat channel, the guild name and optionally allowing other features, including a guild tabard, guild bank, and dues.[30]

Much of World of Warcraft play involves "questing". These quests, also called "tasks" or "missions", are usually available from NPCs.[31] Quests usually reward the player with some combination of experience points, items, and in-game money. Quests also allow characters to gain access to new skills and abilities, and explore new areas.[32] It is also through quests that much of the game's story is told, both through the quest's text and through scripted NPC actions.[33] Quests are linked by a common theme, with each consecutive quest triggered by the completion of the previous, forming a quest chain. Quests commonly involve killing a number of creatures, gathering a certain number of resources, finding a difficult to locate object, speaking to various NPCs, visiting specific locations, interacting with objects in the world, or delivering an item from one place to another.[/quote]

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