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"Waving your Weenies at Quest Givers. " - discuss
Comic Type: Guest Strip | Posted: Wednesday April 29th, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
Stepping in to save my butt after I failed miserably to generate a joke, our very own Stormhaven sent in a guest strip. Here's what she had to say about her submission:

Hello Woody,

Attached is a guest strip that I hope you might find entertaining - I appologize for the art in advance. I set up my new 6x11 Intuos and I can't get the hang of it compared to my old 6x8, so I took the easy way out and did a little heavy handed "painter" style.

A little background into the joke - my druid Stormhaven has been level 73 for a while now; mostly living out of Dalaran. Since I'm a slacker, the bulk of her XP comes from the in-city quests, such as the Cooking and (now) Fishing dailies. After patch 3.1 the Dalaran cooking quests were set at level 80, so suddenly my druid spontanious lost the knowledge of how to cook wine and cheese plates. One rolling restart later, she could do the cooking quests again. One rolling restart after that, she could not. One restart after that, she could. This continued until the most recent patch which supposedly (finally) fixed the issue once and for all. Meanwhile, I imagined tying up Katherine Lee and forcing the rhino dogs down her throat...

Yes, I know the gnome is a Death Knight and not a druid, but gnomes are fun to draw.


Thanks Stormy!

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