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Comic for: April 28th, 2009
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Star Wars: the Old Republic: "A Little Presumptuous"
Posted: Tuesday April 28th, 2009 by

A member of the Star Wars: the Old Republic community expressed disappointment that the words "gay" and "lesbian" were censored on the official forums. Later in the discussion, SW:tOR Community Manager Sean Dahlberg closed the thread stating "these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars". Later that same day the filter was removed, the thread was reopened, and a link was provided so that members could discuss what words should or shouldn't be filtered.
Source: Star Wars: the Old Republic Official Forums [ more info ]

As a forum admin I try not to give other community managers crap over how they run their forums. They have issues to contend with, specific to their forum-goers that they have to address in their own way. And where I prefer no to see words censored just because they relate to sexuality, it's not my place to apply my own personal standards to another site's situation.

So where it was the censorship that brought my attention to Dahlberg's comment, and I am using that censorship to draw attention to this strip, it's not the censorship itself that inspired the comic. It's the idea that, in an entire galaxy full of different species, each with their own language, the words "gay" and "lesbian" do not exist. I mean, the likelihood that they DO exist and just mean something else is pretty high right?

Please note: I have no idea what Rodians smoke in their Apple Bongs.

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