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"Gearing, Gemming, Reforging and You..." - discuss
Comic Type: World of Warcraft | Posted: Friday May 1st, 2009 by Woody - [ Size: 600x450 ]
All in All, the over-all gearing experience these days is actually much simpler than it used to be, however I realized while describing it the other day that it comes off as being much more difficult than it is, but it can have a MASSIVE impact on your over-all performance.

(The guide mainly refers to dps, but the info is still VERY useful for tanks and healers, refer to the bottom for Special Rules regarding Tanks and Healers)

[U]Choosing Gear[/U]

First and foremost, your Primary Stat (Str for plate, Int for Caster, Agi for Rogues, Hunters, Cats and Enh Shamans) will ALWAYS have the highest Priority, and because of this, straight Item Level will generally trump other factors. so if you're wearing a 333 piece and you get a chance to get a 346, take it.

Gem Slots make very few exceptions over-all, there may be some 346Ilvl gear with a gem slot that would be considered marginally better than a poorly itemized 353Ilvl piece, but pretty much never better than a 359Ilvl piece. This is true to the point that you're better off not worrying about it, so I'd suggest mainly focusing on the Item Level on you gear instead of worrying about getting 1-2% more out of a lower Ilvl piece.

About the only other thing to have to consider in gearing is pieces that are the same Ilvl but have different Secondary Stats. Say you're wearing a cape like:

100 agi
100 stam
100 crit
100 mastery

and another cape drops that has 100 haste instead of 100 mastery. IF your class/spec has haste as a higher priority than mastery, than the cloak with haste would be a definite upgrade, even if you have to reforge your haste to hit or exp, you'd have to do the same to the mastery, and you'll still be left with haste instead of mastery. which leads into...


Reforging is probably the single best thing since gems to ease the process of gearing. It allows you to convert a certain amount of one Secondary Stat Rating (Hit, Expertise, Crit, Haste, Mastery or Spirit) into an equal amount of any other Secondary stat that is not present on that piece of gear.

All Cata gear I have seen so far is set up as such:

Primary Stat
Secondary Stat 1
Secondary Stat 2

The stamina and primary stat values are determined by Item Level, so every pair of 346Ilvl Agi Leather Boots will have the same base Agi and Stam. The only variables would be Gem Slots.

If a piece of gear has Crit and Hit on it, and you need more Hit, you cannot convert the Crit on this piece into more Hit, because Hit is already present, however if you also need Expertise, you could convert the Crit into Expertise.

To figure out how best to reforge, you'll need to find out your Class/Spec's Secondary Stat Values, this is very important, and the stat values for one class doesn't generally carry over to other classes, unless they also happen to have the same stat values. Class guides generally have stat values in a easy format like this:

Example: Agi > Hit (to 8%) > Expertise (to 6.5%) > Crit > Haste > Hit (over 8%) > Mastery

What that means is that Agi is your highest Priority (as stated earlier in Choosing Gear, this comes with Ilevel and Gems) followed by Hit Rating, but only to 8%, any hit rating OVER 8% is valued MORE than mastery, but less than Haste, then the basic three secondaries would be valued as Crit > Haste > Mastery. To find your Class/Spec Stat Priority, Refer to Class Guides in the Links below.

Official Class Forums

Your first Reforging Priority, will be to convert your class' least valued stat into Hit or Expertise until you are capped. (Expertise only counts for Melee, casters do not need or use Expertise at all) After you are Capped, if you have any piece left that are not reforged, you will want to convert your class' least valued stat into the highest valued stat available. Then do the same to your Second Least Valued Stat if there are any piece left.

Generally you'll have MOST of your gear reforged, with the exception of one or two scenarios. Let say Haste and Crit are your highest valued Secondary Stats and you're already hit and exp capped, and you have a piece of gear that is not reforged that has Crit and Haste on it, in this scenario, you would want to leave it as it, because even though crit would be valued less than haste, you couldn't reforge the crit into haste, so to turn it into anything else would actually lower your effectiveness. This would also apply to gear that had your Highest Priority Secondary Stat and Hit or Expertise and you were already Hit and Exp capped but not OVER capped.

Min/Max Reforging Pro Tip: In the case of Expertise for Melee and Hit for Caster and 2h Melee, Any amount of Hit or Expertise Rating you have OVER your caps is completely Wasted, so you'll want to get as close to the exact rating requirement to be AT your cap with as little over, but never under if at all possible. Example!

you're 30 Expertise Rating Shy of being capped (6.5%) and you have two candidate pieces of gear to reforge, one would take 50 Rating away from the sacrificed stat, the other would take away 32. You would want to reforge the one that would only convert 32 rating into exp, because to use the one with 50, would be wasting 20 rating as opposed to only 2.


Gemming is pretty much the easiest part now, although it generally follows reforging for a fairly simple reason... Caps...

Assuming you reached your required Hit and/or Expertise caps through Reforging (which should ALWAYS prefered) You will pretty much only use three gems.

RED Slots: PRIMARY STAT straight stat gem. unless under cap, you always want a +40 Str/Agi/Int Gem in Red slots.

YELLOW Slots: Unless under caps, you'll always want Orange gems in Yellow slots, specifically the Orange Gem with Your Primary Stat and Your Highest Valued Secondary Stat (i.e Str/Haste or Int/Crit etc etc)

Blue Slots: You'll almost always want a Purple gem in Blue Slots, as with Yellow, you want the Purple gems with your Primary Stat and you Highest Priority Secondary Stat that comes on Blue Gems (Spirit and Hit if i remember correctly) Note: Being as Hit is the only DPS stat available from blue slots, you should fill ALL blue gem slots with Primary Stat + Hit Gems before Reforging your Caps.


Tank and Healer Exceptions

Healers generally do not use hit, and if they do, they get it from a talent that gives you a % of Spirit as Hit, not a conversion, it's free hit at no cost to your spirit, as a result, healers should ALWAYS use Int/Spirit gems in Blue Slots. This also applies to Elemental Shamans, Boomkins and Shadow Priests. Resto Shamans generally lose too much to try to have and use the Talents that benefit having the Spirit -> Hit Talent.

Tanks also have some exceptions. Tanks use very different Primary and Secondary Stats. Stamina is considered your Primary Stat, followed by Hit and Expertise Caps as usual, then Dodge, Parry and Mastery are your Base Secondary Stats. So, in all Blue Slots, you'll want straight Stam gems, in Yellow, you'll generally want Green gems with Stam and Mastery, and in Red Slots, you'll want Purple Gems with Stamina and Parry or Dodge (depending on which has higher priority)

Also for Tanks, the Gearing and Reforging department follows similar rules to Gemming. In Gearing, being as Stamina is your Primary Stat, higher Item Level gear (even if it is dps gear, under some circumstances) will generally trump which stats are on any given piece, although you'll generally want to avoid dps gear that has just Crit and Haste. Hit, Exp and Mastery are all needed Tank Stats, so a piece of "dps" gear that has Hit and Mastery, is just as much tank gear as it is dps, however a dps piece with Hit and haste or crit? not so much, it can work, as haste and crit improve threat, though it's not advisable unless you're replacing something with a significantly lower Item Level. What you'll do in the case of dps gear with Hit, Expertise or Mastery + Crit or Haste, is reforge the Crit/Haste into a more valuable Mitigation stat, such as Dodge, Parry or Mastery.

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