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Comic for: May 31st, 2010
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Tribute: "Memorial Day"
Posted: Monday May 31st, 2010 by

It had not been my intention to do a Memorial Day tribute comic today because, well... I did one last year. And really the point then was to remind people what the holiday is supposed to mean. If I have to do it every year, then it's unlikely the point is really getting through.

But, someone specifically asked me to do one this year. So I shed my initial reluctance and moved forward with the idea. Especially since I really don't need much of an "excuse" to pay tribute to the men and women that protect this country. I may not always agree with the politics that call our men and women into harms way somewhere on distant shores. But that has yet to taint my respect for the folks that step boldly to the task and risk their lives in so doing.

So the next time you toss in a military based game, take a moment if you would, to remember that those games are based on the heroics of the men and women who put their country before themselves. And even though Memorial Day (in the US) is supposed to honor those who gave their lives, there's nothing wrong with showing some support for those that are still breathing and still fighting.

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