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Comic for: March 1st, 2006
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Star Wars: Empire at War: "Take that Will"
Posted: Wednesday March 1st, 2006 by

Commercials for the Star Wars RTS "Empire at War" have been running on the various channels that keep me company while I work. And, in those commercials there's a sound byte of Vader giving the command to "fire at will". And without fail, every time I hear it, my brain asks, "Well what the hell did Will do"? I had no plans to do such a lame ass comic based on such a OLD ass joke. Then my girlfriend heard the commercial and asked the same thing.

So, I figured I'd answer the question.

Think about it. If you were one of the most powerful evil forces in my galaxy, would you let Will get away with owing you cash? Hell no. That kind of thing could ruin your rep with the other evil forces. You'd crush his trachea with your evil mind powers. Or, at the very least, blast his butt across the cosmos with the Death Star. You know... to maintain your evil street cred.

As always, that "rebels" line is my homage to Eddie Izzard.


So, the direction for this thread, is to discuss Star War: Empire at War.
NOT, to post Eddie Izzard quotes. (Those will be removed.)

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