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Comic for: February 9th, 2007
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Vanguard: "What it means to me."
Posted: Friday February 9th, 2007 by

In a recent bid to improve my "damn dirty elf" faction, I found myself an easy faction grinding spot and laid waste to every Gataro near Ca'ial Brael I could find. Respawn as they might, I continued to smite the devil fish until the nearby elves stopped smacking me around every time I got close to their froofy, tree-riddled city.

When I was finally "accepted" by Ca'ial Brael I took a moment to consider the perspective of the Gataro. And thus do we have the genesis of this comic. If chucklenuts in the chat channel are willing to launch full boar into flamewar over something trivial then surely the Gataro would be more than willing to give each other crap over getting severely owned by a single "diplomatic" orc.

Many more Gataro would have died on the banks of that river had Sigil not lowered the faction requirements. By the way, the quest that started me on this whole big ordeal... mysteriously disappeared from my quest journal. **sighs**

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