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Comic for: February 12th, 2007
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Green Monster Games: "Hiring Practices"
Posted: Monday February 12th, 2007 by

First of all, Green Monster Games does not require employees to be Redsox fans; but, they are looking for a senior gameplay designer (focussed on the mechanics behind the game). Just wanted to clear that up first.

While I was digging around for gaming news last night, I stumbled upon a reference to GreenMonster's logo. Sure it was an outdated observance; but, it drove me to their site again none the less. All three of the founders (Curt Schilling, R.A. Salvatore, and Todd McFarlane) are heroes of mine. So, of course, I had to tear through every available page on the site. In that action I found the job listing mentioned above and couldn't help but wonder what those three guys would require of an MMOG designer.

I really am interested in the direction they're going to be taking, and it amuses me to no end that relevant resumes should be sent to "cschilling" at green monster. I can just see Curt sitting at a desk reading bloated resumes where the last line invariably reads "Go Redsox".

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