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Comic for: February 13th, 2007
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Vanguard: "Interference"
Posted: Tuesday February 13th, 2007 by

The comic is taken from one of my recent Vanguard Diplomacy experiences. I was grinding faction in Martok because I get trounced everywhere else despite being higher level. For some reason while I'm standing there conversing, random chucklenuts like to run by and use me for emote testing. **shrugs** I don't mind the nice ones, but it annoys me when someone stops to /spit. The guy responsible for this particular comic came up to me /spit and them /flex 'ed at me. So, as per the comic, I shooed him away. Interestingly enough... he didn't emote anything else, he just ran off. If only it was always that Easy.


I'm currently trying to figure out why one of Wikipedia's "admins" removed the GU article from the Wikipedia site. I've provided what seemed to be required information for restoration but the person is still resistant. Present my case as I might rules being applied to GU's deletion do not seem to be applied to a myriad of other articles on their site. After hours of reading and gritting my teeth, it appears there is a concerted effort by Wikipedia volunteer staff to remove all webcomics from their free encyclopedia.

I appreciate the show of support for me, but I ask that you leave personal attacks out of this. The guy that removed GU from wikipedia did so believing he was following the rules.

We've worked too hard to make the GU an inviting, intelligent community. Let's not destroy that with unfair commentary and personal attacks. So please, be good GU ambassadors.

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