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Comic for: February 19th, 2007
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EA Sports: "800 lbs. Gorilla"
Posted: Monday February 19th, 2007 by

Gamespot's favorite securities analyst, Michael Pachter, recently evaluated the value of Take-Two Interactive's stock, declaring with, headline-making pointedness, that their "greatest asset us also its greatest liability". Essentially stating that the same creative environment that results in runaway hits also results in problems for the company, one such problem being the decision to jump into the sports gaming arena against "an 800-pound gorilla named EA".
Source: Gamespot [ more info ]

The source article looks at many aspects of Take-Two's business, but basically boils down to the idea that GTA can't single handedly prop up the company's stock. But, the second he called EA an "800-pound gorilla" the idea of 2K Sports being on safari came immediately to mind. And where it's likely that many folks will be upset with me for my acerbic take on EA Sports' merits, I just can't escape my own personal experience with their sports-game vomitting machine.

Maybe my love of sports isn't accute enough to savor the nuances, but from my perspective they just keep releasing the same games over and over again with slight differences and one new gimmick each year. I fully admit that this is probably ridiculously unfair and is heavily biased by my annoyance with their ability to acquire exclusive rights to the major sports franchises. Competition and comparison is what stirs the pot of advancement and innovation. Eliminating competition only leaves their previous efforts by which to measure themselves against; that means only minimal improvement is required from one year to the next. And that's no way to "develop" anything, games or otherwise.

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