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Comic for: February 16th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Gamecock"
Posted: Friday February 16th, 2007 by

Gathering of Developers' former CEO and president, Mike Wilson and Harry Miller respectively, have started a new "independent artist driven" company that will, in their estimation, help to remedy the gaming industry's supposed case of mediocrity with a "commitment to focus only on innovative and original developers". The new company's name is Gamecock Media Group.
Source: Gamasutra [ more info ]

I've had this comic idea on the backburner since Monday. But, with the week coming to a close I figured a little blunt humor wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. Initially I didn't associate the company's name with with any form of Juvenile interpretation. I lived in South Carolina, the Gamecock's were the archrival to my beloved Clemson. Reading the many, many suggestive news headers about the name though, I eventually succumbed to their less than mature approach. And, as the guys from Gamecock put it, "this whole industry needs to lighten up". So now, here I sit with a comic that bears the word "gamephallus".

Now, driving headlong into the conversation that will innevitably follow, let us please try to avoid any further penis puns hey?

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