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Comic for: June 5th, 2009
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Artwork: "9 Inch Me"
Posted: Friday June 5th, 2009 by

One of those interesting aspects of college art classes is that it seems like every teacher wants you to do a freakin' self portrait. Sometimes you get lucky and they tell you it only needs to be representative not a direct "this is my face" interpretation.

This particular image is a lithographic reinterpretation of a 4 foot self portrait in graphite. That first image was called 4 Foot Me. So naturally, given it's final size, this one was called 9 Inch Me. The title left some folks harumphing, some giggling, and others blanky staring at the wall because they didn't get it.

My first self portrait in college was for the beginning print making class I mentioned on the 2nd. Happiness Fades is a linoleum block print, sketched in a bathroom since there were no mirrors in the class.

4 Foot Me was an assignment for an advanced drawing class. Photorealism (or as close as we could get) was the requirement. But, I had zero interest in just standing there with a fake smile, or cheesy I'm-an-artist-serious-face slathered across my mug. So I stuck my tongue out. **shakes a fist** Take that "establishment".

Besides 9 Inch Me, that photo also inspired a painting you guys will get to see next week. "It must be atleast 3 feet tall" was also a requirement for the assignment, but unlike the other folks in the class I refused to sully the image with a grid. I taped the page to the wall, moved my bed out of the way, and moved back and from between working close and moving back so I could see what to do next. Oh and sorry about the ripples in the paper, that thing has been rolled up since 1995.

You probably noticed too that 9 Inch me is flipped. Well, it was a hell of a lot easier to draw the image on the litho stone like I saw it meaning the printed image would be reversed.

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