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Comic for: June 4th, 2009
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Artwork: "James Hetfield"
Posted: Thursday June 4th, 2009 by

One would think that a guy that's been producing a web comic for nearly 9 years would have more experience with illustration. But... I had one class. My productivity in the class was modest at best. The whole thing just kind of lumbered along. Hell even this painting wasn't a class project. No, for the class, I had to paint a book cover for a book called Edison's Dog. Useless piece. I won't be posting that one.

So what we have here is an acrylic on illustration board, James Hetfield montage. And since the class didn't really lend itself to producing a lot of stuff you'd be interested in, I'll just post a few other illustrations I did back in the day.

First up is Little Timmy, an illustration assignment I was given for a story centering around child violence. I wasn't exactly subtle with my interpretation. But then I wasn't looking to play second fiddle to the text.

And then we have The Morning Show, as you can probably tell, the artwork was inspired by Little Timmy. I got into working at the college radio station late in my freshman year I think it was. I started out running a regular show where I was given few stacks of new music, a numbered pattern to follow (music was broken down by release date and current popularity and given number to represent their relevance in the rotation), and a few PSA (Public Service Announcements) to fill the gaps. Over the years, I earned a Special Show DJ spot, meaning I could pick my own music. I did a few different things, like a dance/house show called Aural Sex, a show called Into the Woods where I picked a theme for the night, and The Morning Show which I did with my pal Ash. It was blunt, irreverant, and funny. But it was also early... it didn't last long. **laughs**

Side note: I was eventually promoted to the paid position of Program Director, and was promoted to General Manager of the station by my senior year (usually a position reserved for comm majors).

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