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Comic for: February 27th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Cut!"
Posted: Tuesday February 27th, 2007 by

David Perry, founder of Shiny Entertainment (resigned) and Earthwrom Jim designer, now working with Acclaim, is inviting gamers to help produce Acclaim's next MMO. Currently dubbed Project Top Secret, the contest us open to anyone, is free to enter, comes with game credits for anyone that gets content in the finished title, and offers one person the chance to become the game's full-salaried, royalty-earning, director.
Source: TopSecret @ Acclaim [ more info ]

Most people would look at this as a gutsy move, but is it really? They are getting to choose the best of the best from a sea of talented individuals all eager to work and make a name for themselves. Those who do not make the grade will be weeded out quickly leaving only those who, though they may lack the experience, clearly possess the skill to make the game. And if the game tanks, they have a huge scapegoat on which to lay all the blame.

But, this is the chance that many gamers have been waiting for. Without having to go through years of gaming college, or inching their way up some internal ladder, they have a reasonable shot (if they have the natural talent) at jumping right up to credited member of a game development team.

So go sign up. It's worth a shot right?

Note: Game Director's, as far as I have seen, do not sit around in director's chairs, wearing berets and turtlenecks, screaming into a large plastic megaphone. But, Ted is often given to approaching the extreme. Not to mention... I needed an interesting visual to go with the idea. **coughs**

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