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Comic for: February 28th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Happy Teabagging!"
Posted: Wednesday February 28th, 2007 by

GameCareerGuide.Com, recently published a feater outlining the "Ten Maxims Every FPS Should Follow". Written by Patrick Congdon, the article establishes 10 key points for making "great first person games". He then asks the reader to decide if his maxims are "what [they] see" or if they "describe what [they] want". Unfortunately, there is no method of discussion linked to the article.
Source: GameCareerGuide [ more info ]

The article makes some very valid points. But, in today's market if there's no two-player, multi-player, or online play, the game will lose points on the the game review industry's review-o-meter for lacking replay-ability. That aspect is missing from Congdon's list, though I don't really consider it to be an oversight. Congdon is outlining the ways of making a good first person game, the review industry's requirements are not factored into his assertions.

Addressing that perceived ommission left me plenty of room for comedic intervention though. It seems every shooter game I've ever watched has at some point put digital disgrace on display. More often than not, that translated to repeatedly crouching over a fallen opponents face, i.e. teabagging.

The comic looked a heck of a lot better without all the text but it was kind of open ended, seemed to skip over the point, and would draw nothing but comparisons with the 800 other webcomics out there dealing with the act of teabagging.

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