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Comic for: March 7th, 2007
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Lego MMOG: "Camping the Clear Block"
Posted: Wednesday March 7th, 2007 by

This past Monday, LEGO announced that they would be working with NetDevil, developer of Auto Assault, to produce an MMOG interpretation of their LEGO universe. The company cited "technological capability, openness to work with a large community, and their enthusiasm for the LEGO brand" as some of the reasons for partnering with NetDevil. Though it is not indicated in the press release, a graphic accompanying the item on the NetDevil site indicates that the game is scheduled for a 2008 release.
Source: NetDevil [ more info ]

I've been to the NetDevil studios, there were Legos everywhere. That's not to say that they were already working on an agreement with Lego, just that they seemed to have an interest in Lego products. Now to get Lego to realize that the average age of the current MMOG playerbase is substantially higher than "child aged". (They mentioned children in the article twice.)

At any rate, I love Legos and I love MMOGs. So, I'm ecstatic about the idea of playing in a Lego world. I just hope the reality of MMOG players might be a bit incongruous with the semi-simplistic nature of the Lego-verse.

That said... I can't wait. Looks like I'll be begging for another visit to NetDevil.

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