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Comic for: March 8th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Larry Says"
Posted: Thursday March 8th, 2007 by

In a webcast conducted by Morgan Stanley, Larry Probst, soon to be former CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), indicated his belief that SONY might lose some of its commanding lead in the 'console war' saying, "We [referring to EA] expect that there will be a more level playing field this time around" and naming it's relative expense at the primary reason. Though he did add, "No one should count Sony out at this point in the game. This is going to be a long race".
Source: Reuters [ more info ]

Okay so Larry's statement wasn't that dynamic, but comments like Probst's is not typical and I couldn't resist the visual humor.

It should be noted that I agree with Probst and I can appreciate his comments as they were not offered as an attack, rather they were a reasoned observation. I can't say that I believe that Sony will remain on top, but I don't think there will be a lambasting like there was with the previous console iterations.

What I find interesting is a stat listed in the closing paragraph of the cited article: Where Nintendo Wii took the top spot in January sales, SONY still sold more PS2s than the remaining consoles. That's just amazing to me.

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