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Comic for: March 28th, 2007
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Gaming News: "Currently Giant Tool"
Posted: Wednesday March 28th, 2007 by

Yeasterday, GameStop released it's fiscal 2006 earnings report. Boasting a 72% increase in sales, the company brought in 5.32 billion dollars. GameStop's chairman and CEO, R. Richard Fontaine, credited, in part, the integration of 2,000 EB Games locations and 421 new storefronts worldwide. During a conference call following the release of the earning report COO Dan DeMatteo related his belief that Wii shortages were being intentionally created by Nintendo stating that they had "intentionally dried up the supply". He then posited that the supply of Wiis would not be a problem after April 1st as that is Nintendo's new fiscal year. Nintendo dismissed DeMatteo's claims citing the unexpected intensity of demand and assured GameDail.Biz that they were "doing everything [they] can to ship product to retail as quickly as possible".
Source: GameDaily.Biz [ more info ]

Lately it seems I'm saying this a lot. So for the sake of continuity, some people need to learn when to keep their mouth shut. Whether it's true that Nintendo is inentionally witholding Wiis or not is of little consequence to the point. Unless he has incontrovertable proof, Mr. DeMatteo shouldn't make such statements. And I can't, for the life of me, divine why he would toss out comments like that.

If DS Sales are any kind of indication of what we could expect of the Wii in a growing casual market, holding back Wii shipments to artificially prop up next year's fiscal outcome will not be necessary. Now, don't take my opinion here is some kind of indication on my part that Nintendo is a squeeky clean business establishment. I'm sure they have skeletons business-practices closet. But, like supply questions, that makes no difference. Dan, the Temporary Tool, shouldn't be gibbering away over supposition.

A little shoosh goes a long way.

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