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"How will you Spore?"

Comic Type: Gaming News | Posted: Thursday March 29th, 2007 by Woody - [ Size: 300x465 ]
I was looking through the screenshots linked in Andara's thread. Honestly, every time I get more information about the game, it makes me drool, wipe the drool off my chin, and re-check the release date (too far off, damn it!).

Now, I realize that we don't have a full understanding of the critter creation process - we just have some screenshots that detail some of the features in it. But it got me to wondering what sorts of design concepts that people were going to take and run with.

Are you going to try to create something monstrous? Cartoony? Realistic? Out-and-out ludicrous? Would you try to create the aliens from Omicron Persei 8 from Futurama, or E.T., or the Bugs from Starship Troopers? Will you give them 2 legs? 4? 7? Way too many?

Personally, I'll probably try to make some sort of as-human-as-possible biped. I'm also likely to try to make some form of catgirl race, sooner or later. ;) Outside of that, though, I intend to try to push the boundaries as much as possible... see how I can make something work that normally doesn't work, like the article's example of a 1-legged creature.

So... what are you planning?

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