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Comic for: March 30th, 2007
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Everquest: "Reversed Roles"
Posted: Friday March 30th, 2007 by

This idea, like most good ideas, was sent in by one of the readers. And since Christian's explanation really sums up the intent of the comic I'll just include that below.

So as you know, each new EverQuest expansion boasts more and more insane
items, encounters, and spells, as well as a new level cap every year or so,

Well, as me and my 75 beastlord friend have made it a habit, it's actually
fun to go back into old world content and solo or duo mobs that were
previously raid-only, like Trakanon in Sebilis.

I was thinking it would be quite hilarious to see an EQ comic in which a
raid of "Raid Encounter" mobs try to take down one level 75 player, geared
with all sorts of bells and whistles from the latest expansion.

Ohh what a joy it would be to see Venril Sathir, Trakanon, Velketor the
Sorceror, King Tormax, etc. trying to take down a REALLLLLY sparkly warrior.


So, I used that as a departure point and went with the previously elite mobs' perspective of having to group to go after a solo character. I'm not near uber enough to try such things myself. But, I've been away from the game long enough not to have the levels, AAs, or equipment to consider such things. I bet I'd still get wasted by a bad pull in Karnor's Castle.

Oh and sorry about the late comic, I had some issues with Photoshop that slowed me up considerably on a strip that was already going to take longer than usual.

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