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Comic for: April 6th, 2007
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Poopy Strip: "Under Construction"
Posted: Friday April 6th, 2007 by

This weekend I will be putting the new GU design in place. I've been working on redesigning the site for a couple of years now but haven't been happy with any of the designs. A month ago, I grabbed the things I liked from the other design and smooshed them all together. I'm happy with the result.

I was going to do this last weekend, but decided I didn't want it mistaken as some kind of April Fools prank.

The new design will come with a few changes, the comic will no longer be on the front page, just news, the writeup and GU promotions & events. There will be a large graphical header linking to the new comic. But if you prefer to avoid all the text, just switch your favorites link or reset your homepage to http://www.gucomics.com/comics

Along with the new design we'll move to the larger sized comics I've mentioned before. The intent is to make them 600x450. If this doesn't feel right or is hard for me to work with, we'll discuss some other options. You guys will be included in the process. A few other new things are coming, but I'm holding that announcement a little longer.

Now, since I'm not working in a sandbox, you guys may well see errors, broken pages, missing pages etc. I ask that you not report them until after monday as I'll be working on the site and the problems are unlikely to last elong enough to be worth reporting.

That being said... if you guys have any questions about the redesign, fire away.

[Editted: Emphasis added.]

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