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Comic for: April 27th, 2007
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Lord of the Rings Online: "Goblin Perspective"
Posted: Friday April 27th, 2007 by

Oh my beloved mob perspective comics how I've missed you. To relate to the gobos on some level, I've gotten several quests where I've read the quest journal and quest history over and over trying to divine what I'm supposed to do next, where exactly am I supposed to go, did I miss something in the previous step that gave a clue to how to proceed with this one?

This is NOT a problem solely found in LOTRO though. I've had similar issue in every MMOG I've played. And I'm reticent when it comes time to ask for help because, folks in other MMOGs seem all too willing to assume you've not actually read the quest notes. To LOTRO's credit though, they have a channel specifically for the purposes of asking for advice. I've not had to use it yet myself, though the couple of times when the directions were flipped (northwest instead of northeast, etc.) I've come close. I usually end up finding a spot associated with another quest in the process of looking anyway.

Which kind of brings me to another point. I really like the way LOTRO encourages you to explore. By finding places you open potential traits and titles. I like that much more than getting trivial amounts of experience or, in most cases, nothing at all. Just wanted to toss that in there.

Originally this comic was to be centered around Dourhand Dwarves in Ered-Luin. But, I figure more folks have probably seen the goblins around Bree. Their little fish heads were more interesting to draw anyway. And anytime I can draw a green-skin I'm all over it. I just wish I could play a green skin that wasn't part of accessing a Fell Scrying Pool. Meh, take what you can get right?

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