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Comic for: May 11th, 2007
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Everquest II: "'Venerable' Sathir"
Posted: Friday May 11th, 2007 by

November 13th will see the fourth expansion for EverQuest II, Rise of Kunark. The expansion reintroduces the power Kunark; raises all level caps to 80; makes Sarnaks a playable race; opens new zones such as Karnor's Castle, Lake of Ill Omen, Sebilis, Vesshan's Peak, etc. including a new 1-20 newbie zone - Timorous Deep; adds new solo, group and raid content for players 65-80; and presents a new ridable mount, the Kunarkian Rhino.
Source: SOE Press Release [ more info ]

The folks at Allakhazams conducted a lengthy interview with one of my favorite "senior producer"s, Scott Hartsman, about the upcoming RoK expansion. In it he mentions Venril Sathir's next big attempt to grab power. He was undead before, now he's undead +500 years. So, I figure he's probably approaching the crotchety old bastard stage of his unlife.

It seemed somehow appropriate.

Personally, I have a fondness for the Sarnaks. When Kunark was released for EQ I saw the Sarnak models and wished they'd been the new race rather than the Iksars. (Sorry Lizard folk.) The tall gangly, beaked forms just appealed to me. So, I'm quite happy that, after all these years, they'll finally be playable. Now if we could just get some Rujarkian-style Orc playable race action, I'd be golden. Until then... get off my damn lawn. Damn noisy kids.

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