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Comic for: May 10th, 2007
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Lord of the Rings Online: "Helmet Woes"
Posted: Thursday May 10th, 2007 by

Since its release and the improved graphics quality afforded by the non-beta version, I've really enjoyed the look and feel of Lord of the Rings Online. But I wouldn't be "Woody from GU Comics" if I didn't have some complaints.

Neither Taks nor I have yet to don a piece of headgear that didn't look terrible. Graphics-wise they're fine, it's the designs that drive me nuts. Playing in 3rd person all I see is the back of a green bubble. To start with it looked like a grape to me. But with that stupid little spike that's also prevalent in the game, it's started to look more and more like an olive on a toothpick in my mind, with my character's face as the olive pit.

Honestly I'd turn the helm graphics off and forget about it. But, I'm anal and want to see everything. My only comfort is that I'm not alone in my helmet woes. When I hopped in the game to grab screenshots, not a single person I encountered in Bree was wearing a helmet that I would be proud of.

To wrap up here, many of the helmets seem to have real world departure points. My last helm bore some resemblance to a mongolian design. And my 'Speared Olive' looks like a helmet I saw in Braveheart, except it was silver and didn't have the spike.

As for the comic itself, the text feels awkward to me. In an oldschool strip I likely would have just used the last text bubble and that would have been it. If I accidentally stumble into a pit of brilliance, I'll change it. I wanted that other character there for support, but really he's the source of my dialogue problems with this panel. If I'd drawn him with his mouth close... you might not be reading this paragraph.

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