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Comic for: July 17th, 2007
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Woody & Ted: "The Standup Saga III"
Posted: Tuesday July 17th, 2007 by

The first day of the ConnectiCon moments after setting up the booth and minutes before the dealer's room opened. Someone walked past the booth and "So there really is a cardboard Ted" and kept moving. It seemed odd to me that someone at the Con knew enough about GU to be able to comment on the Ted standup, but they didn't stop to talk. I didn't even have time to raise my head to see who it was. Zoom they were gone. So, I drew the comic.

It looks rough (the 05 pen rebelled during the inking process) and Hawk (Applegeeks) "defaced" it by drawing all over it. Of course, he also shot rubberbands and me and drew a picture of me that made me look like an angry monkey. (Sorry, not showing that one.)

Despite some initial shipping glitches, the Con went well. We found our new biggest fan (kudos Colter). We met Steve from Dueling Analogs. Good guy. Go read his stuff. And I'm fairly certain we sat beside Caitlin Glass (the voice of Winry in Full Metal Alchemist) on the plane from Cincinatti to Connecticut. If any of you know her, please feel free to ask her if she sat with the folks talking about architecture and playing DSes.

I'll post more details about the Con a little later today... maybe. I'm still trying to get back in touch with my "at home" self. Funny how you leave for a week and everything starts to seem a little foreign when you get home.

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