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Comic for: November 16th, 2011
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HiveMind: "Out of Touch?"
Posted: Wednesday November 16th, 2011 by

Renowned game designer Will Wright has announced his next project. It's called HiveMind and apparently it will "collect your personal data - such as your geographical location, your friends' whereabouts and how much money you have - and then turn that into some kind of gaming experience." Let me be the thousandth to say... bite MY ass.

What gets me is that in the interview where he talks about this game he actually dismisses privacy concerns saying something akin to: the younger generation are more comfortable sharing personal information, especially if they're guaranteed great entertainment in return. Again... bite MY ass.

Refusing to use the attachment of a wii-mote controlled robotic arm against the man, I honestly think Will Wright is incredibly out of touch. Yes we delve head first into stuff like Facebook these days hoping beyond hope that the security is tight enough that we have little worry about (completely ignoring Facebook's penchant for loosening the privacy on our data when they need to hand some info to a 3rd party partner), but I digress.

Will Wright has always been fascinated by the exploration of "life" and the SIMulation thereof. It only makes sense that he would look toward something like this where we, in essence, become the game. But still... bite my ass. Just saying.

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