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Comic for: November 15th, 2011
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The Zapper!: "M2"
Posted: Tuesday November 15th, 2011 by

I was working on a comic idea that wasn't panning out, when I read by way of a friend's facebook status that an MMO had hit the zapper because the "operator" had accidentally deleted the entire game during server maintenance. [more info]

I read several article about the issue but didn't get many more details beyond the report that the game had suffered a critical server issue, the game was lost while trying to resolve the issue, and could not be restored from backup data. Now the "operator", Hangame, has announced that they will not be bringing the game back at all. My understanding is that M2 was a small, free-to-play MMO supported by micro-transactions. So some M2 players have lost stuff they paid good money for. Hangame has issued an apology and will be offering a refund to some affected players.

As I'm processing this information red flags keep popping up in my head. How could they not have a base version of the game store somewhere? How was saved player data not backed-up and in some way salvageable? What could have transpired that every aspect of the game was lost to a degree that nothing was left causing the game to have to be shuttered? It just doesn't sound right to me. Are we instead seeing a failing "operator" closing a game in order to cut their losses while trying to hang on to as much of the customers' money as possible?

While the realist in me accepts that with enough incompetence this could be completely legit, the conspiracy theorist in me wants to see the results of a full on investigation into the matter.


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