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Comic for: August 1st, 2007
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World of Warcraft: "Prime Realestate"
Posted: Wednesday August 1st, 2007 by

Just because I'm done with the Squished Flat series doesn't mean it's the last time I'll draw the Fel Reaver (in tshirt ninja mask).

I logged into the game and asked the "guild" what pre BC zone, that had previously been high traffic, was now pretty much abandonned. The answer was Molten Core. The point was to illustrate the impact of massive expansions on old content. To me that meant an old boss mob, in this case Ragnaros, selling his lair to an expansion mob with a penchant for killing players.

I figured the Fel Reaver could make quite the happy home down in the Core. Toss his feet up. Giggle at the occassional 15 man Raid that dropped in to eat Rag's lunch. And probably learn to juggle unused Sulfuras'.

Today's Pimpage: The Fel Reaver is wearing an inside out "GU Rising Sun" shirt from ZeStuff.Com... even if you can't tell in the comic.

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