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Comic for: September 25th, 2007
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Everquest II: "I'm bringing tapping back"
Posted: Tuesday September 25th, 2007 by

Since Legends of Norrath (SOE's new TCG) was released, I've quite a few joke ideas suggesting that I make a comic about people playing LoN instead of medding, healing, tanking, or whatever else they're actually supposed to be doing (because you can log into LoN from inside EQ or EQ2). For all of you... here you go.

I've played Legends of Norrath a bit myself, and where the learning curve is steep for someone like me who's never really played a trading card game, it's still pretty fun. And it's a brilliant idea to boot. Good way to get people playing EQ, EQ2 and LoN. Kudos to the new dev team in Denver. SOE owes you guys some freakin pizza. Or maybe a shirt that says "I helped revitalize the EQ franchise and I got was some freaking pizza and this t-shirt".

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