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Comic for: September 26th, 2007
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Poopy Strip: "Poopy Revisited"
Posted: Wednesday September 26th, 2007 by

As ridiculous as it sounds, a quick filler strip character has become somewhat of a GU institution. In 2000 Iggy McStickson stepped in to let readers know that I was having computer issues and that the comics would be temporarily put on hold. Now he's one of the site's most requested characters. Sure he's seen his share of refinement over the years, but there was still room to revisit his initial appearance.

Now there aren't actually any pregnancy issues that prevented me from doing the comic. I just consider that first "Poopy Strip" a classic.

For those of you wondering about the pregnancy, everything is going along fine. And no matter how hard I try to slow things things with my mind, time keeps slipping innevitably toward the "due date". Man... I've got to develop some priorities so I can get them straight or something. I hear that's what expectant fathers are supposed to do.

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