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Comic for: January 14th, 2008
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At the Movies: "In the Name of the King"
Posted: Monday January 14th, 2008 by

Out of curiosity I looked up reviews of "In the Name of the King", Uwe Bolls new movie based on Dungeon Siege. The reviews weren't kind. At MetaCritic on a 100 point scale averaging review from the largest critics across the country, "In the name of the King" scored a 17. At Rotten Tomatoes it has (thus far) recieved a 3% rating. By comparison, one of the single most horribly rated "big budget" movies in recent history, "Gigli", was rated 18 and 6% respectively.

Now, I'm not one to completely dismiss bad movies. I can actually enjoy them if I'm in the right mindset. My problem with Uwe Boll movies is that he's adapting video games to screen. This gives people like Luara Kern at the New York Times one more excuse to bash games.

It may not be fair of me but I strongly discourage gamers from paying to see Uwe Boll films. Even a marginal amount of profit will just encourage someone to pay him to destroy another of our games. The man has, I think, proven that no matter how large his budget is and no matter what the potential of his cast is... he can not direct a good film.

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