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Comic for: August 26th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Of Relevance"
Posted: Tuesday August 26th, 2008 by

I'll admit to not giving E for All much of a chance. But looking at the rather anemic list of developers [more info] that will be in attendance you'll forgive me for continuing to question the event's relevance. This year E for All basically sports a laundry list of peripheral and accessory makers, retailers, and trade schools. [more info] The only confirmed developers are Microsoft and EA (with Eidos and Nintendo currently undecided).

Keep in mind, E for All was supposed to be the spiritual successor to E3 (before it went all yawn-worthy). Right now the big news being proudly displayed on their front page is that Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel will be back this year. Uhmmm So? For all intents and purposes PAX is the spiritual successor to the old E3. One year in existance and E for All has already, quite literally, become an afterthought. I honestly forgot about it until I saw the developer list at Joystiq.

Now, I'm one to admit my bias and make room for the other side to speak up. So, if there are folks in the crowd that went to E for All's 2007 inaugural event. Please feel free to extol its virtues here.

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