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Comic for: October 27th, 2008
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Gaming News: "Scheduling Conflict"
Posted: Monday October 27th, 2008 by

In the face of the "real" E3's return [more info], IDG has stated that E for All will not return in 2009. IDG will instead shift their focus back to E3. Source: 1up.Com [ more info ]

Just like the comic, I've not been to either of the E for All expos. But when has that ever stopped me from taking jabs at the event? In any case, I'll accept the reason IDG gave for why they're bowing out of the race rather than roll my eyes and dismiss it as a timely excuse.

E for All was basically designed to take over where E3 left off and let in the public in to boot. Thing is, PAX had already kinda been doing that for three years. E3's downsizing just opened the door for more corporate foothold in Penny Arcade's community-centric event. E for All never managed to capitalize on E3's relative absense.

So what am I saying with the comic? Well I grew up in a small town called Chester, SC. Population: 6000. The "Old Armory" was a big empty building used for large community events. But even the Old Armory's biggest events wouldn't bring the entire town in.

Read that however you like.

Today's Pimpage: Bluetooth Headset guy is wearing "The Great Escape" shirt and Big Diamond Earrings guy is wearing an "Eat Shirt and Die" shirt both from Threadless.Com.

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