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Comic for: November 25th, 2008
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Guest Strip: "Well Me Not"
Posted: Tuesday November 25th, 2008 by

Our pal Zukan sent in a guest strip this Saturday and where the cluster of brain cells I have that are dedicated to common sense told me I should save it until Thanksgiving day, the cluster of brain cells I have that are dedicated to maintaining my lack of patience said "why wait?"

Here's what he had to say about his submission:
Hello Woody,

I've got a guest strip for you! It's pretty much self explanatory I think.

I suppose for people who never played WoW they'd need it explained, how rude
of me! Here goes:

Fans of the Warcraft series all know of Blizzard's humor; When you click on
NPC's in World of Warcraft over and over, they have several sound bites, all
humorous. One of them is "Me not that kind of Orc!" I simply took that, and
drew a situation to go along with it. I also did one for "Work, work, work!"

Thanks, Zukan

Zukan recently started his own webcomic. His archives aren't very deep yet but that just means it'll be easy to catch up. The falling series are a particular favorite of mine. Here's the link: MTComics.Com.

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