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Comic for: November 26th, 2008
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World of Warcraft: "Silly Arthas"
Posted: Wednesday November 26th, 2008 by

Obviously I've been playing a lot of WoW lately. Nothing else has been able to hold my attention. But I'm not alone. Skurai, one of my WoW-playing compatriots, for example. He deleted the original Skurai to re-roll him as a Death Knight, then proceeded to level him up to 80 before I managed to get Grek to 78. This isn't me sagely shaking my head at Skurai for playing too much. Oh no, this is me expressing my appreciation for his ability to move smoothly through the game. And if you don't want to believe that, feel free to consider this me subtly saying Death Knights are overpowered. **coughs** Digress, digress, digress!

Yesterday, as I was working my way through the final non-group quests available to me in Grizzly Hills, Mr. Skurai mentioned finding Frostmourne's pre-Arthas home. The idea of putting Arthas in a player's shoes amused me, so I rushed over to grabbed some screenshots of Sku and Frostmourne's cave.

Some of you may notice me in the background there, in the same armor I had at 70. It's true! Except for a cloak, a ring, and an axe, I've not found anything to replace my gear. I kinda thought the greens in Northrend would quickly surpass my epics like Outland had done before it. I'll admit here that I might not understand the value of some of the newer stats and have thus shot myself in the foot with an outdated crossbow. I do still have 2 levels and all the higher end zones to go through though. So we'll see how this all plays out.

Anywho, thanks Skurai for amusing me and providing comic fodder.
Note: Skurai's Blood Elf Paladin has been in the comic several times as well.

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