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Comic for: December 15th, 2008
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The Life of Ted!: "Job Description"
Posted: Monday December 15th, 2008 by

With a certain amount of balance restored to the comic, I'm pretty much considering this the end of the storyline. I had fun with it. And it certainly made things a bit easier on me. Back to struggling with gaming news and trying to make dailies funny I guess. **grins**

Since I moved to doing GU full time, I've had a problem explaining to other people exactly what it is I do. Even when I think I've got the schpiel down pat, I still end up having to clarify and explain. I just don't think most people are able to accept that someone can draw pictures about games and somehow make money with them online. Lately, I've just resorted to saying "I'm a cartoonist". Though even this has caused problems as people seem to thing that means "I make cartoons". I've tried "I'm an illustrator". But for some odd reason that just draws blank stares and I still end up explaining what I do.

So what should I try next? Satirist? Nope. If they can't process "illustrator", there's no way that's going to work. Artist? Ughh! No, that brings too much misplaced romantic baggage with it. Like I'm some kind of mock turtle neck wearing, psuedo-bohemian working dilligently to lure young women back to my loft to see my etchings. I guess I could just say "I drawl pikturs der pe der" and they'll take me at face value for fear of misinterpretting.

Now you know my pain. Damn I need a writer.

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