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Comic for: January 9th, 2009
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Crayon Physics: "Artistic Overkill"
Posted: Friday January 9th, 2009 by

While I was looking for gaming news last night I saw the headline proclaiming that Crayon Physics Deluxe had been released. Crayon what-the-hell now? Curious I went to check it out. It's another applied physics game like Fantastic Contraption but you draw your own tools.

I played the demo with my mouse to get the feel for how most others would experience the game. But, I quickly scooted the window over to my Cintiq so I could draw with the stylus. I wouldn't say I got out of hand or anything. But I did enjoy going a bit overboard just for the sake of going overboard. You just have to remember not to pick up the stylus..

Anywho, take a few minutes and go try the Demo. It really is an entertaining game. And as always GU likes to support independent developers; so, if you really dig it, the full version is only $19.95.

Hooray for physics!

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