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Comic for: January 12th, 2009
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Gaming News: "Saying It Like It Is"
Posted: Monday January 12th, 2009 by

In an interview with a newspaper from his home town of Great Falls Montana, Neversoft President, Joel Jewet, spoke about his lingering connections to the state, the town's impact on his work ethic, and the fact that his company would be letting the successful Tony Hawk series of games go to another developer. Neversoft will presumably be focussing on adding titles to the Guitar Hero franchise. Including Guitar Hero: Metallica which is slated for release later this quarter.
Source: Great Falls Tribune [ more info ]

You know, I can't pinpoint when the luster of Guitar Hero started to fade for me. I remember it being shaky before Rocks the 80's hit. Then Rt80s was absolute crap. (opinion) I held on for Guitar Hero III. But with the shift to Neversoft as the developer, the characters got transformed into silly putty blobs and I was done.

So yeah, this comic is a bit negative. And if Mr. Jewet emails me I'll apologize for being mean. But, I won't apologize for being critical his company's handling of Guitar Hero.

If you guys disagree... that's completely cool. Feel free to express your love for the Neversoft headed GH titles. There's nothing wrong with supporting a game company that made a game you dig!

Please Note: I did NOT make up that mustache or the camo hat. But, I did put a Neversoft logo on there to make it more relevant.

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