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Comic for: January 26th, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "The Ruse"
Posted: Monday January 26th, 2009 by

One of the achievements tossed into WoW with Wrath of the Lich King is a coin collection time burner that tasks you with collecting far too many copper, silver, and gold coins by fishing them out of a fountain in Dalaran. Now, depending on what time of day you go, there could be one other person casting with you, or a fishing rod weilding army.

That's what it was like when I got my gold coin achievement last night. There were people shoulder to shoulder around the tiny, coin-laden elipse. There was even the obligatory DK, tossing his damn gate in the middle of the pool and summoning an undead army to run over the top of the water making it difficult to see our bobbers. Asshat.

One thing to note, where it's hard enough to fish up the coins you need, most of the time you end up reeling in a fountain goldfish. I pulled in literally hundreds of the things in my quest to attain a stupid coin you can flip once every 10 seconds. It took me so long to fish up the last gold coin I figured the fountain goldfish were plotting against me. Thus the comic.

Incoming Tangent...
They're not mobs. You can't target, or even SEE them in the fountain. They are just loot items. So how do I qualify this comic... the object's perspective?

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