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Comic for: February 2nd, 2009
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World of Warcraft: "Super Bowl Joke"
Posted: Monday February 2nd, 2009 by

This, people, is a throwaway comic.

We went over to Taks' parents' house last night to watch the SuperBowl. Neither of us had ties to either team, so we were pretty much there for the company, the consumables, and the commercials.

We paused the game in the 3rd quarter to throw Taks' mom a minor birhday party. Then Taks and I had to leave to get the kid home and in bed. When we paused the game the Steelers were up 20 to 7. We got home to a score of 23 to 20, Cardinals in the lead, 48 seconds left on the clock. Pittsburgh had the ball on the 6. Then with that tiptoe catch in the corner to Santonio Holmes for the touchdown. And then the Cardinals moved the ball pretty quick, and looked like they might have a shot. I can honestly say I enjoyed the last 48 seconds more than the rest of the game. And it was a good game.

Anywho, since this is a throwaway thread, feel free to use it to talk about the Super Bowl, the commercials, Runed Cardinal Rubies, or you know... whatever.

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