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Comic for: April 10th, 2009
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Gaming News: "Colossus Movie? II"
Posted: Friday April 10th, 2009 by

I didn't expect to do a second comic about the Shadow of the Colossus movie but screenwriter Justin Marks decided to respond to gamers' concerns about the project. Speaking to film industry blog, Risky Biz, Marks explained why he felt the game would make a "perfect adaption". Interestingly enough, the very reasons we worry the film will fail he believes are the reasons the film will succeed.
Source: Risky Biz Blog [ more info ]

He didn't address our concerns over the movie's script being left in the hands of an unproven script writer. I wonder why that is? My guess is that he has no idea we fear his seeming inability to write witty dialogue or provide an engaging plot. And saying "it's so sparse so you can start building right away" doesn't really instill the faith Marks wants us to have in him and the project. On the contrary it gives off the feeling that he's going to use the "sparse"ness to start adding whatever he likes "right away".

So yeah, if I can address Justin directly here for a second...
Don't bother trying to reassure us. Just write something that lives up to the spirit of the game.

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